Book talk with Jason Josephson-Storm

Book talk with Jason Josephson-Storm 9/21 7pm

"The Myth of Disenchantment: Magic, Modernity, and the Birth of the Human Sciences" Theorists have argued that the defining feature of modernity is that...

The Williams Bookstore  
Math/Stat Snacks

Math/Stat Snacks 9/21 9pm

Take a break from your Thursday night work and come join the Math/Stat Department in Bascom House. Snacks will be served from 9 - 10:00 pm.

Bascom House  
Log Lunch:  "Keeping our heads above water:  building economic resilience to sea-level rise and storm surge in small island nations."

Log Lunch: "Keeping our heads above... 9/22 12pm

Jim Neumann'84, Principal, Industrial Economics, Cambridge, MA. Reservations ($4) thru url: ...

Counting Klein Bottles by Prof. Haydee LIndo, Williams College

Counting Klein Bottles by Prof. Haydee LIndo,... 9/22 1pm

Mathematics Faculty Seminar Abstract: A Klein Bottle cannot be embedded in 3-dimensional space. So if you've ever seen a glass "Klein Bottle" in real life...

Stetson Court classroom, 101  
Biology Seminar with Dr. Adam Siepielski, University of Arkansas

Biology Seminar with Dr. Adam Siepielski,... 9/22 1:10pm

"A cautionary tale of woe and intrigue in explaining species diversity" Spectacular levels of species diversity exemplify most biological communities:...

Thompson Biology, 112  
Chemistry Colloquium

Chemistry Colloquium 9/22 1:10pm

Dr. Kathryn Geiger, Johns Hopkins University "Transcription Activator-Like Effector (TALE) Folding Cooperativity is Fine-tuned for Function" Transcription...

Thompson Chemistry, 123 (Wege Auditorium)  
Computer Science Colloquium - Google Visits Williams!

Computer Science Colloquium - Google Visits... 9/22 2:30pm

Several Williams alum will give talks about their current work at Google.

Thompson Chemistry, TCL 202  
Quantum - Logic - Assisted Readout in a Mixed Species Ion Chain

Quantum - Logic - Assisted Readout in a Mixed... 9/22 2:30pm

Please join Colin Bruzewicz '05 of MIT Lincoln Labs during his joint physics and astronomy colloquium.

Thompson Physics, 205  
Fall Planetarium Shows

Fall Planetarium Shows 9/22 8pm

Shows will resume this fall. Please contact Michele Rech at 597-2188 for reservations or email mcr4@williams.edu

Milham Planetarium