"UV and X-Ray Emission from exoplanet host stars"

"UV and X-Ray Emission from exoplanet host... 10/28 12pm

Please join Jeff Linsky from University of Colorado during his joint physics and astronomy colloquium entitled, "UV and X-Ray Emission from exoplanet host...

Thompson Physics, 205  
Log Lunch:  "How it Pays to go Green:  Renewable Energy Tax Credits 101,"

Log Lunch: "How it Pays to go Green: ... 10/28 12pm

Steve Hibbard, Project Manager, Renewable Energy Investment @ US Bank CDC. Reservations ($4) thru url: https://goo.gl/forms/gBMYtlyqm4An9sJq1 or...

The Log  
An Explicit Bound for the Least Prime Ideal in the Chebotarev Density Theorem by Prof. Jesse Thorner, Stanford University

An Explicit Bound for the Least Prime Ideal in... 10/28 1pm

Mathematics Faculty Seminar Abstract: Let L/F be a Galois extension of number fields with Galois group G. If p is a prime ideal of F that is unramified in...

Bronfman Science Center, 106  
Computer Science Colloquium - Sara Mathieson, "Deep Learning for Population Genetic Inference"

Computer Science Colloquium - Sara Mathieson,... 10/28 2:35pm

In population genetics, the factors that shape variation often leave signatures that are difficult to disentangle. This makes joint inference both necessary...

Thompson Chemistry, TCL 202  
This I Believe...

This I Believe... 10/28 4pm

A panel of students of many faiths in conversation about their spiritual lives at Williams

Faculty House/Alumni Center, downstairs lounge  
“The low growth, increasing debt conundrum: should developing countries “adjust” and if so, how?”  Lecture by Andrew Powell of the Inter-American Development Bank

“The low growth, increasing debt conundrum:... 10/28 4pm

Many developing countries are facing low growth, fiscal deficits and growing debt. Given the direction of debt-to-GDP ratios, many countries are choosing...

Center for Development Economics, Classroom, 2nd Floor  
Fall/Winter Planetarium Shows

Fall/Winter Planetarium Shows 10/28 8pm

Please call Michele Rech at 413-597-2188 for reservations. The planetarium shows will resume each Friday evening. Come and see the stars in a whole new...

Hopkins Observatory  
Zalloween 2016

Zalloween 2016 10/28 8pm

Enjoy a night of spooooooky improv comedy at Combo Za's first show of the year!

Greylock Dining Hall  
Harp Master Class, Alice Giles

Harp Master Class, Alice Giles 10/29 10am

The Williams College Department of Music presents a master class featuring talented Williams music students performing for Visiting Artist Alice Giles, harp....

Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall, Bernhard Music Center