Daily Message Guidelines

About Daily Messages

The Daily Message system is meant to convey timely information from and to members of the Williams community about college events and policies. Because the focus is on the college community, subscription is limited to faculty, staff, students.

The Williams Office of Communications reviews all Daily Message submissions. Submitters will receive a confirmation if your message is approved and scheduled. If a submission doesn’t meet the guidelines, we try to provide an explanation along with suggestions for other, more appropriate outlets.

Deadlines and Guidelines

The deadline for submission of messages is 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Monday messages must be submitted by 3 p.m. the prior Friday.

There is no service on Saturday or Sunday, or after hours. Messages can be submitted in advance, and you can specify the publication date(s). If you do so, your message will be approved the last weekday before your publication date.

Only one message per event or announcement is allowed in the faculty and staff editions, and these messages can only run on one date. For the student edition you can request that your message run on two dates, if you wish.


  • Submissions must pertain to college news, events, and information and be of interest to a campus audience.
  • We cannot allow commercial messages, lost and found notices, fundraising efforts, messages about the sale of goods or services, or messages promoting or recruiting for outside organizations.
  • Message language should be appropriate for distribution to a broad audience with diverse values, beliefs and sensitivities.
  • Invitations to participate in human subjects research (surveys, behavioral studies, etc.) will only be accepted if the project is conducted or sponsored by a Williams faculty member and has been approved or exempted by the college’s Institutional Review Board.
  • Students may submit Daily Messages about surveys only for the purposes of thesis research. Communications will confirm such requests with thesis advisers.
  • In order to control the volume of surveys on campus, messages about other surveys that do not meet the above research requirements will not be accepted.
  • To be eligible to post a message, you must be a member of the Williams community and have a williams.edu email address. Submissions are accepted only from representatives of administrative and academic departments, programs and centers, and recognized student organizations. If posted by a student, the message summary must include a student organization’s name.
  • Events hosted by someone who is not a member of the Williams community may not be posted to Daily Messages. Off-campus events, unless sponsored by a Williams department or registered student organization, may not be posted to Daily Messages.
  • Federal law prohibits the use of college resources, including the Daily Messages system, to support or oppose political candidates or ballot issues. Williams’ guidelines on college resources and political activity provide more detail on how this policy affects campus communications.
  • Williams neither endorses nor opposes any political candidate or organization. The views expressed at college events involving political candidates or campaigns are solely those of the organizers and/or speakers.

The Communications Office cannot guarantee publication of submitted material and is not responsible for the accuracy of information submitted to us.

Questions? Contact us at dailymessage@williams.edu.

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