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Stetson Court, Williamstown, MA, 01267

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The Seasonal Influenza A Epidemic:  SIRC Model and Bifurcation Analysis by Julianna Kostas '18

Mathematics Colloquium: The current strain of the H3N2 influenza virus has marked the first time that the CDC has deemed a widespread flu outbreak in all 50...

2/26 1pm
Fun with Partition Numbers by Seth Perlman '18

Mathematics Colloquium Abstract: We will discuss Ramanujan's theories concerning partition numbers, including a proof that odd partitions are always equal...

2/28 1pm
MIssing Data in Electronic Health Records and the EM Algorithm by Francesca Paris '18

Statistics Colloquium Abstract: In an age of algorithms, missing data can bias analysis and skew results. Issues of missing data affect a number of fields,...

2/28 1:10pm
On the Moebius Random Law and Infinite Rank-One Maps by Prof. Cesar Silva

Mathematics Faculty Seminar Abstract: We will review Sarnak’s conjecture for the Moebius function and consider it in the context of infinite...

3/2 1pm
The Resultant and Polynomial Roots by Frankie Chen '18

Mathematics Colloquium Abstract: A question that is often asked when dealing with polynomials of one-variable is whether or not two polynomials share the...

3/5 1pm

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Henry Art

Henry Art left a positive review 12/8/2017

Sarah's talk was excellent! Quite an interdisciplinary perspective on wave patterns in arid vegetation.