Stetson Court classroom

temporary classrooms during science building construction

Stetson Court, Williamstown, MA, 01267

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Missing Data in Cluster-Randomized Trials by Brittney Bailey, Ohio State University

Statistics Colloquium Abstract: A cluster-randomized trial (CRT) is a clinical trial where subjects are nested within larger clusters (e.g., employees...

11/29 1pm
Lattice Point Visibility of Generalized Lines of Sight by Prof. Pamela Harris

Mathematics Faculty Seminar Abstract: For a fixed bℕ={1,2,3,…} we say that a point (r,s) in the integer lattice ℤ×ℤ is b-visible from the origin if it lies...

12/1 1pm
Automatic Text Summarization by Sohum Patnaik '18

Statistical Approaches for Automatic Text Summarization Statistics Colloquium Abstract: Text data that we have access to today serves as a valuable source...

12/6 1:10pm

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