Dance Dhamaka

(Arts/Performance) Dance Dhamaka is Williams College’s one and only Indian dance team, whose mission it is to create a dynamic, vibrant, and enthusiastic atmosphere in which dancers can thrive, and share their passion for dance with fellow members of the Williams College community. Twice a year, we put on a huge show showcasing styles as diverse as Gujarati Raaz, Hip Hop Fusion, Traditional Bharatnatyam, and, everyone’s favorite, Bollywood. Dance Dhamaka is an open, walk-on team, meaning that anyone can join and auditions are not required, and neither is dance experience! At Dance Dhamaka, dancers of all experience levels come together and collaborate to put on some incredible displays of talent, hard work, and dancing prowess, with more experienced dancers working closely with beginners every step of the way. Ultimately, what makes Dhamaka so uniquely Dhamakan is that we not only dance, or teach, or choreograph: we have fun while doing it all!

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