BSU (Black Student Union)

BSU (Black Student Union)

(Diversity) The BSU’s purpose is two-fold:
1. To provide a local mechanism through which students of African ancestry can find emotional, academic, and social support
• By providing a mechanism through which students can articulate concerns regarding not only the curriculum and the general administration of the College, but also concerns regarding local events and issues.
• By providing a support network that will enable students of African ancestry to achieve in the classroom in spite of financial and emotional obstacles.
• By providing funds and a space for cultural and social events relevant to students of African ancestry at Williams.
2. To engage students and encourage them to become more active in the global effort to improve the lot of all people of African ancestry
• By having political conversations, inviting political thinkers to speak, and by being actively involved in campus and worldwide politics.
• By providing support to political organizations, worldwide, whose goals are in agreement with those articulated here.

We are an organization that serves as an organization of support for Black students and their allies on campus in all matters political, cultural, social and academic having to do with the Black diaspora both on and away from campus.

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