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Cullen Murphy lecture

John Cullen Murphy, Jr. is an American writer and editor probably best known for his work at The Atlantic, where he served as managing editor. He was born in...

2/27 7pm
Awaiting the Messiah: The Rise of Christian Television in the Middle East (1981-2000)

Febe Armanios, Professor of History at Middlebury College, explores the rise of Middle East’s first Christian television station, which was established in...

3/1 6:30pm
Late and New Poets: Rewriting Catullus in the Flavian Age

Carole Newlands', Professor of Classics, University of Colorado Boulder, current principal areas of research are Augustan and post Augustan poetry; she has...

3/1 7pm
Lecture: Conservative Approaches to Tackling Child Poverty

The Williams American Enterprise Institute Student Chapter is excited to announce that Joshua McCabe (a Dean at Endicott College) will be giving a lecture on...

3/1 7:30pm
Long Run Effects of Food Assistance and Early Human Capital Programs

Marianne Bitler, Professor of Economics at UC Davis, will present an Economics Class of 1960 Scholars Seminar: Long Run Effects of Food Assistance and Early...

3/6 4pm

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Blair Dils

Blair Dils left a positive review 11/29/2017

Informative; well organized; an insider and an outsider's thoughtful viewpoints and analysis of this amazing story. Ultimately, though, it only depressed me to think that tiny Iceland will get to participate in Russia 2018 and the US will be on the sidelines.

Seth Rogers

Seth Rogers left a positive review 11/29/2017

Great. Informative and engaging with some good humor.

Silvia Schultermandl

Silvia Schultermandl left a positive review 10/8/2014

a good introduction to her novel

Deborah Brothers

Deborah Brothers left a positive review 10/24/2013


Marybeth Mitts

Marybeth Mitts left a positive review 11/21/2013

Ben Downing made a strong case for his proposed legislation (S1225) and made me think a bit more about how greater investment in state concerns/job creation might be a natural result of such of a divestment plan. I was encouraged to hear that his proposal is phased although I am still uncomfortable with the fiduciary (he didn't like that word very much) risk of divestment given that the funds support state pensions, which are legislatively bound (how does the cosmos enforce this?) to achieve an 8% ROR, year after year.

Linda Saharczewski

Linda Saharczewski posted a photo 4/9/2013

Zachary Evans

Zachary Evans left a negative review 10/19/2011


Zachary Evans

Zachary Evans left a positive review 2/22/2012


Griffin Hall

Griffin Hall posted a photo 7/27/2011