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Williams Percussion Ensemble - livestream

Fri, April 16th, 2021
7:30 pm
- 8:30 pm

Williams Percussion Ensemble - livestream

The Williams Percussion Ensemble, directed by Matthew Gold, broadcasts livestream from the Bernhard Music Center. Titled UnRUNG, the Williams Percussion Ensemble celebrates those moments of unlimited potential just before something happens. In a program of percussion works by a diverse group of composers with unique creative perspectives, we are introduced to new modes of music making. Objects such as office desk bells, metal plates, and aluminum tubes, as well as drums, marimbas, and vibraphones are approached with a sense of exploration and brought to life through the discovery of their inner voices. The musicians of WiPE embrace these moments of possibility, unleashing a vast world of new sounds in which rhythm and color create fresh acoustic landscapes.

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The program includes: Steven Snowden – Unrung (2015) for desk bell trio;  Allison Loggins-HullHammers (2012) for flute and percussion ensemble, featuring Annika Harrington ‘23, solo flute; Juri SeoWah (2014) for three wah wah tubes; Glenn KotcheTransferencia (2013) for percussion ensemble.

WiPE members: Josh Lee ‘24; Nicholas Patino ‘21; Noah Poll ‘24; Roman Ruiz ‘22; Geoffrey Salmon ‘21; TJ Watkins ‘23, TA; with Annika Harrington ‘23, flute



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