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Williams Percussion Ensemble

Fri, April 12th, 2024
7:30 pm

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Williams College Percussion Ensemble and New Music Williams presents a concert titled In Landscapes that explores the concept of music as a sonic landscape. Featuring music by Caroline Shaw, Sarah Hennies, Brittany J. Green, John Murphree, and John Cage, this program features a variety of repertoire reminiscent of everything from vast empty plains to bustling and kinetic cityscapes. Directed by Matt Sharrock.

In programs featuring cutting-edge new music and important works of the twentieth-century, the Williams Percussion Ensemble (WiPE) surveys a vast terrain of sound and rhythm. The ensemble employs all manner of percussion instruments, found sounds, and electronics to create music that resonates across boundaries of genre and discipline. In addition to music for percussion alone the group presents works for mixed ensembles and new and experimental music for a range of instruments.  The ensemble often works directly with composers and collaborates with artists in diverse media in order to explore the connections between sound, form, image, and movement. WiPE strives to offer creative programming, innovative presentation, and immersive experiences in which the listener is invited to hear music in new ways. Williams Percussion Ensemble is directed by Matthew Gold.


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