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Williams Percussion Ensemble

Sat, April 30th, 2022
7:30 pm

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The Williams Percussion Ensemble’s spring program presents a living soundscape of resonating metals, buzzing wires, delicately brushed skins, and shimmering marimbas and vibraphones.  The music on Sounding Bodies places the listener inside an immersive musical ecosystem in which a vast range of percussion instruments create a rich field of counterpoint.  The percussionists act as a source of energy, performing intricate rhythms and creating a mix of sensorial stimuli on drums and gongs, elemental materials such as water and wood, and with their voices.  Sounding Bodies invites audiences to experience sound in new ways through the works of some of today’s most vital and original voices.

This is a one hour program with no intermission.


Alyssa Weinberg: Ember II (2018)
quartet for prepared snare drums

Marc Mellits: Gravity (2013)
for mallet quintet

Christopher Deane: Mourning Dove Sonnet (1983)
Roman Ruiz ‘22, solo vibraphone

Sarah Hennies: Second Skin With Lungs (2010)
for five percussionists

Juri Seo: Wah (2014)
for three wah wah tubes

Alexandre Lunsqui: Entresons.Recreo (2009)
for six percussionists

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