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Visiting Artist: N O W I S W H E N W E A R E (the stars) Created by Andrew Schneider

Wed, February 22nd, 2023 - Sat, February 25th, 2023

Sound Design by Andrew Schneider and Bobby McElver
Additional software engineering by Oren Shoham
Produced with Miranda Wright + Los Angeles Performance Practice 

NOWISWHENWEARE (The Stars) is an immersive, interactive, light and sound installation guiding each visitor through an internal monologue about grief, community, and the one-way-ness of time. It is ultimately a story about you.

It is first a guided narrative, then an interactive exploration. Visitors are invited to explore a warehouse-sized room that will eventually be filled with over 10,000 individually controlled points of light. Using the 3D sound-spatializing technology Wave Field Synthesis and a room-sized tracking system, the technology behind this project allows us to pinpoint the precise location of every star and place a voice, a memory, a fleeting whisper at each – heard only there and nowhere else. The memories are community members’ stories, memories, thoughts, and recollections – recorded where the project is currently housed. 

The experience will last 25 – 35 minutes. Tickets on sale soon!


Development of NOWISWHENWEARE was made possible with support from The Brown Arts Institute, Carleton College Arts and Technology Initiative, The Simons Foundation and Science Sandbox, The Onassis Foundation, The Sundance Institute Interdisciplinary Program, and Eliko Industries. This project is produced with and managed by Los Angeles Performance Practice / performancepractice.org

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