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ThinkerAnalytix Talk: Teaching Critical Thinking with Argument Mapping

Tue, October 26th, 2021
2:00 pm
- 3:00 pm

ThinkerAnalytix Talk: Teaching Critical Thinking with Argument Mapping

Too often, teaching controversial topics or current events
can lead to fraught conversations and breakdowns in
communication. Especially given our current political
climate, many teachers are, understandably, afraid to
address these topics altogether.

In many cases, the problem is that students haven’t had
the opportunity to develop the requisite skills to discuss
these topics with rigor and empathy. The antidote to this
problem is formal training in precise, logical reasoning
and careful listening.

ThinkerAnalytix is an educational nonprofit, 501(c)3,
working to revolutionize how students learn critical
thinking skills. In partnership with Harvard’s Department
of Philosophy, ThinkerAnalytix builds students’ logic and
reasoning skills using a research-backed approach called argument mapping.This presentation will include a live discussion of a
current issue and expose participants to research-backed
resources ThinkerAnalytix has developed for teachers
looking to facilitate these sorts of discussions in their own
classrooms in accordance with its mission.

ThinkerAnalytix is led by Williams alumna, Anne
L’Hommedieu Sanderson ’84, and supported by Content
Manager and School Outreach Coordinator, Emily
Bleiberg ’22.

To join the lecture, log on to Zoom using this link after
1:45 pm on October 26th. This event is sponsored by the Faculty Club Board.

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