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Spud for a Bud!

Tired of the CandyGram Monopoly? Would you like to hack away at Big Rose Co.? Would you like to burn Big Valentine to the ground, peacefully? Now is your chance. This Valentines Day, get a spud for a bud. Treat your buds to the spud they’ve always had their eye on. Get the right Russet, find a Hassle-free Hasselbacks, an Idaho for your favorite … friend! 1$ recommended donation, but venmo me anything and I’ll get your somewhat special someone a tato! Staple on a note! Carve a heart! Card a handshake! Give it eyes!
Visit our Potato bar in Paresky (we’ll be tabling) on Wednesday and pick the right one for the job.
Can’t make it? Venmo @yourbudthespud around 1$ with the su box of the recipient and the note you want attached in the description. If all goes to plan we may also be selling at PubNight!


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