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Social Mindfulness and Inclusivity for STEM+ workshop May 30th

Thu, May 30th, 2019
1:30 pm
- 4:30 pm

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Because we do not specifically cover subject matter related to inequity in many STEM+ classrooms, we do not usually think about how our racial identities affect the way we teach.   And yet, we are finding that we need to be more aware of the our own role(s) in society, particularly in STEM+ communities, as we develop the infrastructure and choreography of our classrooms.  In this workshop, we will discuss the ways that language, microaggressions, and incomplete empathy can inhibit student success. Using case studies, we will work together to identify the sources of micro- and macro-aggressions, and we will discuss effective problem solving strategies and word-choices in response to hostile situations.  We will then practice having productive conversations about difference with our peers and our students.

What you can expect to walk away with:

  • A vocabulary around equity and inclusion issues, specifically race and ethnicity
  • Self-reflection related to identity and societal hierarchy, especially as it affects scientists and the culture of STEM
  • Tools for listening and responding during challenging conversations
  • Experience thinking critically about the way that one behaves and reacts to situations encountered on and around campus.
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