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Purple Valley Plays: A Festival of New Work for the Stage (Two Programs)

Thu, April 26th, 2018
7:00 pm

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Purple Valley Plays: A Festival of New Work for the Stage (Two Programs)

The Williams Theatre Department is proud to present Purple Valley Plays,  original works for the stage written, directed, designed, and performed by Williams students. Back for a third year, Purple Valley Plays continues the Theatre Department’s tradition of incubating new work and cultivating the next generation of theatre artists. Presented in two programs, Purple Valley Plays will premier works by Terah Ehigiator ’18, Mia Hull ’17, Joseph Messer ’21, Chanel Palmer ’19, and Tom Robertshaw ’19. Each new work is given full production support by a company of artists, who will meet to conceptualize and rehearse, transforming the CenterStage and Adams Memorial Theatre into flexible venues for world-premiere theatricality. Patrons can choose to see all five plays on one evening, or attend the two programs on separate nights. Come one, come all!

Content warning: Purple Valley Plays contain language, images, and action that some may find offensive. Please be advised.

Purple Valley Plays Program One (AMT) 7 PM:

Phaedra / Hippolytus / by Mia Georgina Hull ’17
River Spirits by Terah Ehigiator ’18

Purple Valley Plays Program Two (CenterStage) 8:30 PM:

Majesty in the Middle Realm by Chanel Palmer ’19
Chastens and Hastens by Tom Robertshaw ’19
What if We Loved with our Radiated Bodies?
 by Joseph Messer ’21


River Spirits by Terah Ehigiator ’18, directed by Jack Romans ’20. Emmett lives freely in paradise until the appearance of a strange new boy alters him forever. With playfulness and sincerity, this play explores tensions of boyhood, friendship, and (dis)belief.

Phaedra / Hippolytus / by Mia Hull ’17, directed by Tom Robertshaw ’19. A woman, in love with her husband, falls in love with his son. Clean lines and floors, stifled, enraged, undone.

Majesty in the Middle Realm by Chanel Palmer ’19, directed by Caroline Fairweather ’20. A fast-paced exploration of connection, belonging, displacement, and infinity. A young woman’s quest for family and for peace in a world of in-betweens turns out to extend well beyond her wildest dreams.

What if We Loved with our Radiated Bodies? by Joseph Messer ’21, directed by Fiona Selmi ’21. Three infected lovers attempt to find themselves, but as their environment falls apart, words fall apart, movement falls apart, and people fall apart as well.

Chastens and Hastens by Tom Robertshaw ’19, directed by Liam Ouweleen ’19. Thanksgiving/family/generations/breach/a dongle/butterball/ritual hunt?



Terah Ehigiator ’18, Mia Georgina Hull ’17,

Joseph Messer ’21, Chanel Palmer ’19, Tom Robertshaw ’19


Caroline Fairweather ‘20, Liam Ouweleen ‘19,

Tom Robertshaw ‘19 , Jack Romans ‘20, Fiona Selmi ‘21


Carol Almonte ‘19, Kenneth An ‘20, Andrew Aramini ‘19,

Nadiya Atkinson ‘21, Brandon Hilfer ‘20, Isabel Ouweleen ‘21,

Liam Ouweleen ‘19, Julia Randall ’19, Jack Romans ‘20


Erin Meadors ‘20


Nadiya Atkinson ‘21, Petra Baldwin ‘21, Sofia Barandiaran ‘20,

Issy Benjamin ‘19, Francesca D’Arista 21, Peter Duke ‘21,

Jake Eisner ‘21, Samori Etienne ‘21, Caroline Fairweather ‘20,

Ben Gips ‘19, Mia Herring-Sampong ‘20, Richie Jacobson ‘21,

Maya Jasinska ‘21, Sameer Khanbhai ‘21, Scott Lipman ‘18,

Peter Matsumoto ‘21, Kester Messan-Hilla ‘21, John Murphy ‘21,

Morgan Nelson ‘21, Onyeka Obi ‘21, Sarah Sutton ‘21,

Julia Tucher ‘21, Ben Weber ‘21

Production Manager

John Rodríguez ‘18

Stage Managers

Nicole Jones ‘20, Scott Lipman ‘18, John Murphy ‘21

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