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Psychology Dept. Class of 1960 Scholars Colloquium: “Sleep: A Matter of Life and Death”

Mon, September 18th, 2023
4:15 pm
- 5:15 pm

  • This event has passed.

Dr. Torbjörn Åkerstedt, Head of the Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University in Sweden and an affiliated Professor with the Karolinska Institute, will present “Sleep: A Matter of Life and Death” on Monday, September 18, at 4:15 p.m., in Wachenheim 113. He is an expert on the effects of shift work, time zone changes, and other forms of irregular working hours on sleep.

Prof. Åkerstedt’s research group examines sleep regulation, sleep quality, and stress and their relationship with mood, health, and mortality. Using a variety of physiological and behavioral measures, they seek to understand what makes for good (or bad) sleep, how different aspects of sleep may be related to mortality, and how sleep quality impacts attention and accident risk.

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