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P4: Paula’s Positive Peace Party

Wed, December 4th, 2019
5:00 pm
- 6:30 pm

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P4: Paula’s Positive Peace Party

This multi-location, affective party is meant to create a wholesome space on campus for students that have felt that this campus cannot hold all of who they are. Sponsored by the WGSS department.


We will start at Chapin at 5pm this Wednesday, December 4th, with prepared remarks. We will move from Chapin, to Lehman, to Hollander, to Schapiro, to Hopkins, then down Hoxsey Street. At each site, we will think about how we experience, use and re-semanticize our relationship to the physical and emotional space of Williams. We will end at the Davis Center with a reception (and food!). If you have mobility issues, feel free to join the event at the Davis Center around 6pm.


This event explicitly prioritizes the needs of students of color, low-income students, children of immigrants, first generation students, queer students, and students living with visible and invisible disabilities. It is not separatist but we encourage you to think about your own identities and the way you are occupying space. If you feel comfortable, please bring an item that reminds you or makes you think of home. 


Content warning: active/passive suicidal ideation; mental illness; trauma; sexual violence.


If you have any questions, please contact pnm1 or aas5. 


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