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Wed, September 26th, 2007
12:15 pm

  • This event has passed.

Patrons are cordially invited to bring a brown bag lunch to the Chapin Stage to enjoy our second of many MidWeek Music recitals by both students and faculty.


Johannes Brahms         Intermezzo in E Major, Op. 116, No. 6
Akema Ueda ’11, piano
Franz Liszt             Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
Christine Bowman ‘11, piano

W. A. Mozart        “Se vuol ballare” from Marriage of Figaro
Richard McDowell ‘09, baritone; Elizabeth Schwartzman ‘08, piano

Louis Andriessen         Workers Union (1975)
(b. 1939)           
                        Williams Chamber Winds
                        Leo Brown ’11, violin
                        Daniel King ’09, tenor saxophone
                        Casey Lyons ’11, bass trombone
                        Brian Simalchik ’10, piano
                        Jacob Walls ’11, trumpet
                        Anna Weber ’08, clarinet
                        Benjamin Wood ’08, marimba
                        Steven Bodner (fac.), alto saxophone, director
                        David Kechley (fac.), string bass
                        Doris Stevenson (fac.), piano

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