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Tue, March 3rd, 2020
4:10 pm
- 6:00 pm

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Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance presents visually alluring kinetic theater that fuses dance, music, lighting and costume design. Following Sperling’s trailblazing journey to the Arctic in 2014,as the first-ever choreographer-in-residence aboard a US Coast Guard ice-breaker, the company’s focus is producing programs that merge choreography and climate science. Sperling has developed a signature style which draws inspiration from early dance technologist Loie Fuller (1892–1928). Internationally acclaimed as the leading Fuller exponent–and choreographer of the major motion picture The Dancer inspired by Fuller’s life—Sperling has pushed Fuller’s genre into new directions.

This is an open level class.

Space is limited! For more information or to reserve your space, email Erica Dankmeyer.

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