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Izaki Metropoulos '22, tenor

Wed, May 11th, 2022
5:00 pm

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Izaki Metropoulos ’22, tenor presents the Crossroads Project which synthesizes his previous sixteen years as a folk musician and showcasing his talents as a classical singer. The first segment of the roughly hourlong program features a mixture of shared folk songs written in Greek and Turkish. Part two contains selections of Cuban Boleros and art songs in Greek, Italian, and German.

Musical collaborators include Doris Stevenson, Nicholas Mangialardi, Rami El-Aasser, Enoch Chou ’23, Diego Mongue ’25, and Sophia Metropoulos.

Misirlou (Μισιρλού, Mısırlı, مصر Miṣr) and instrumental taksim– Shared Folk Song
Matia Mou (قدك المياس [Qadduka El-Mayyas]) by Mulla Uthman al-Musili
Dimitroula Mou (Entarisi ala benziyor) – based on the Balkan folk dance karşılama
Kürdi Saz Semaisi ‘Masum Aşk’ by Göksel Baktagir
Sofia-Istanbul Express – a folk song arranged by Steve Gibons Gypsy Rhythm Project

Siboney by Ernesto Lecuona
Adoro by Armando Manzanero
S’Agapo – Traditional Greek Cantada
E’ La Solita Storia Del Pastore by Francesco Cilea
Morgen! by Richard Strauss
Caro Mio Ben by Tommaso Giordani

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