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Greg Booth, Guest Lecture

Tue, February 6th, 2007
5:15 pm

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Greg Booth will be visiting Andy Jaffe’s MU241 class on John Coltrane.

Dr. Booth, a world-class tabla player, will talk about raga and
its influence on Coltrane. Public invited.


Speaker Research:

The music culture of the Bollywood Cinema, Industry Oral History.
Song, music scenes, meaning and narrative conventions in the Bollywood Cinema. Brass wedding bands in South Asia and the post-colonial worlds. Diaspora ethnomusicology in New Zealand _

A focus on historical, industrial and musical ethnography of Mumbai film music industry. Regular fieldwork in Mumbai and related areas (Kolkatta, Goa), interviews with musicians, composers, arrangers, engineers, other industry figures, lyricists, film directors and producers.

Parallel focus on the role/construction of music scenes in films/narrative and the independent cultural life of film song. Consideration of musical stylistic features, composers, style history, aesthetics, politics, gender, narrative functions and conventions, among other topics.

Key publications:

Booth, G. (2005). Brass Baja: Stories from the World of Indian Wedding Bands. New Delhi: Oxford University Press.

Booth, G. (2005). Pandits in the Movies: Contesting the Identity of Hindustani Classical Music and Musicians in the Hindi Popular Cinema, Asian Music 36/1. (pp. 60-86)

Booth, G. (2000). Religion, gossip, narrative conventions and the construction of meaning in Hindi film songs, Popular Music, 19. (pp. 125-146)

Booth, G. (1997). Socio-Musical Mobility Among South Asian Clarinet Players, Ethnomusicology, 41 (3). (pp. 489-516)

Booth, G (1995). Traditional Content and Narrative Structure in the Commercial Hindi Cinema, Asian Folklore Studies, 54 (2. (pp. 169-190)

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