Graphic Reportage: A History and Particularities of the Genre in Russia

Russian graphic artist, activist, and journalist Victoria Lomasko will discuss the genres of "documentary comics" and "graphic reportage" by addressing the history of the genres and their development in Russia, how graphic stories can be used in social activism, journalistic aspects of graphic art, and the principles for combining verbal and visual elements.

A reception will follow her talk at the opening of her exhibit, entitled Other Russias. Her work will be on display in the Schapiro hallway, April 26 through May 11, 2018.

Lomasko is a graduate of the Moscow Sate University of Printing Arts, author of Other Russias and co-curator of two ongoin art and activism projects, Drawing the Court (with Zlata Ponirovska) and The Feminist Pencil (with Nadia Plungian).



Thursday, April 26 at 4:15pm to 6:30am

Schapiro Hall, 129