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Family Matters Group- Information Session on Monday 18th @ IWS building at 4:00pm

Starting soon. On Mondays, from 400-5:30 pm, IWS is offering a Family Matters Group. This group will be a space where students can discuss family issues. Topics may include: homesickness, grief and loss, non-traditional families, multicultural families, supporting family members with chronic mental or physical illness or major diagnosis, family members with substance use disorders, family conflict, financial stresses, separation and divorce, dealing with helicopter and snowplow parents. Group members will have the opportunity to determine together the specific issues addressed.

An information session will be held on Monday, February 18th  for any interested students. The group will run the whole semester and students are asked to commit for the semester.

Questions? Please contact one of the facilitators directly or IWS front desk to be connected to a facilitator. 

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