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“Every Single Job in Television, Explained” a talk by Michael Sardo

Wed, April 14th, 2021
7:00 pm
- 8:00 pm

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Please join us for a public lecture by Williams alum (and former English major!) Michael Sardo.  All are welcome!



And here is Michael’s description of what he plans to speak about:

“We’re going to look at a screenshot of a single frame of a pilot (reproduced above from the show FAIRLY LEGAL). It’s one of mine, so I know a bit about it. Everything in that frame is there because of a decision made by a person with a specific job.

But even before that – where did the idea come from? How was it pitched? (By the way, what is pitching?) What was the writing process like? How was the script sold? Who was involved? How was the show cast? The director selected? The DP? The line producer? The locations? Who designed the sets? Who built them? Who creates a budget? How is everyone fed? Moved from place to place? After it’s shot, then what? Who edits, adds music, color corrects, publicizes, reviews?

A screenshot takes a moment to view. It takes months – or years – to make.”

If you’d like to learn about what goes into making a TV show (even just a single frame of one!), please join us for this exciting event. And feel free to spread the word. All are indeed warmly welcome.

Sponsored by the English Department and The Class of 1960s Scholars.

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