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EPH Musik

Fri, April 13th, 2007
8:00 pm

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EPH Musik

Stephen Dankner Trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano (2002)

I. Lento non troppo
II. Lento (tempo rubato); quasi recitativo

Carl Jenkins, oboe; Stephen Walt, bassoon;
Doris Stevenson, piano

Kathryn Alexander Around About for Piano Trio (2007)*

I. Dance-like throughout
II. Festive, jubilant

Yumi Okada, violin; Ronald Feldman, cello;
Doris Stevenson, piano


Alexander And The Whole Air Is Tremulous (1985)

Margaret Lancaster, flute

Theodore Antoniou Five Epigrams for Viola and Marimba (2005)
I: Slow, it has three distinct sections. An introductory one of the viola, a middle one with dance-like character and a lament-like closing section.

II: Is a dance, with compound asymmetric meters.

III: A dialogue between the two instruments with free and narrative character.

IV: It is the longest one, a “minimalist” duet.

V: It is an epilogue, using new material, like clusters on the marimba and elements used in the precedent Epigrams.

Scott Woolweaver, viola; Matthew Gold, marimba

Lois V Vierk Io for amplified flute, electric guitar, and
amplified marimba (1999)

Margaret Lancaster, flute; Larry Polanski, electric guitar;
Matthew Gold, marimba

*World premiere dedicated to the Chamber Players

Pre-concert discussion by Kathryn Alexander at 7:15 p.m. in Presser Choral Hall

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