Communicating Climate Science in a Post-Fact World

Andrew Revkin and Jacquelyn Gill will participate in a roundtable discussion with Nicolas Howe, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Faculty Affiliate in Anthropology and Sociology and Phoebe Cohen,  Assistant Professor of Geosciences.

Andrew Revkin is the senior reporter for climate and related issues at He joined the prize-winning public-interest newsroom after 21 years of writing for The New York Times, most recently through his Dot Earth blog for the Opinion section, and six years teaching at Pace University. He began writing on climate change in the 1980s and has never stopped. In the mid 2000s, he exposed political suppression of climate findings at NASA and editing of federal climate reports by political appointees with ties to the petroleum industry. He was the first Times reporter to file stories and photos from the sea ice around the North Pole. Full bio.

Jacquelyn Gill specializes in Community Paleoecology & Conservation Biogeography at the Climate Change Institute, University of Maine. The Institute is a multi-disciplinary research team committed to understanding how biodiversity responds to global change through time. Climate change, disturbance, human activity, and extinction are challenges for managing future diversity, but are also opportunities to explore the dynamics of ecology and evolution. The Earth is their laboratory, from the natural experiments of the geologic past to the challenges facing today’s ecosystems

This event is part of the Williams’ Confronting Climate Change year of inquiry. Throughout this academic year the college is hosting a series of speakers, events, and programming planned to shed light on the issue of climate change and how we should respond to it as individuals, as an institution, as a nation, and as a member of the global community. Sponsored by the Thomas B. Healy '50 Fund, the Center for Environmental Studies and the Geosciences Department.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 7:30pm

Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall, Bernhard Music Center