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Calendar Photo Contest!

Pictures for the Calendar Contest!

It’s time to start taking photos of campus for the next Williams Calendar (sent to students, alum, and families). The award for selected photos is $150, and the deadline is May 10th. The requirements for the photos are:

  • Landscape orientation, standard size (e.g. 8×10)
  • High quality (at least 300dpi, preferably DSLR, no cell phone photos, clear)
  • Focus on both interiors and outdoor shots Showcase the Williams campus (New Bookstore, Goodrich, performance groups, etc.)
  • Capture student life, without showing too many prominent faces (ie. no portrait shots but people in the background/distance is fine)
  • Please name your photos in the following style: unix_location_month (ex:abc1_HopkinsHall_October)
  • Upload photos here: https://goo.gl/forms/tViVNgJSn6h3VN842

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