Biology Seminar with Dr. Sonya Auer, Williams College

"The pace of life: Functional and evolutionary links between energy metabolism and the life history"

Life history traits differ markedly among populations and species but tend to fall together along a “slow–fast pace of life continuum”, even after accounting for differences in body size. At the slower end of this continuum are organisms that mature at a later age and larger size, reproduce at slower rates, and have longer lifespans; organisms that mature early and at a smaller size, reproduce at a rapid rate, but die young are at the faster end of the continuum. Metabolic rate reflects the energetic cost of living and is also thought to set the pace of life, but whether and how it co-varies with the life history is not well understood. We will explore different hypotheses for how metabolic and life history traits are expected to co-vary, evaluate key assumptions underlying these hypotheses, and assess current evidence for both functional and evolutionary links between these traits.  

Friday, April 6 at 1:10pm

Thompson Biology, 112

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