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Biology Seminar with Byron Weckworth from Panthera

Fri, April 26th, 2019
1:10 pm
- 2:00 pm

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Bryon Weckworth, Deputy Director, Snow Leopard Program & Conservation Genetics Coordinator will be give his talk “Conservation in practice: from academics to grass roots” at 1:10pm today in Wege.  The guiding principles in conservation dictate the importance of preserving biodiversity, maintaining ecological complexity and upholding evolutionary potential, as well as identifying that biodiversity has intrinsic value and that untimely extinctions should be prevented.  Conservationists play many roles across various fields within the basic sciences and resource management. Conservation in practice requires successfully navigating the feedback loop between the new ideas and approaches provided by science and the field experience and research needs of resource managers, and then implementing the results into management and policy directives. Yet, in some cases, successful conservation dispenses with the formalities of this exchange in favor of local, grass roots interventions. Drawing from my own professional experiences in wildlife research and conservation, we will review results from studies of phylogeography, population genetics and ecology, predator-prey dynamics and social surveys, and examine the success and failure of their application to endangered species listing efforts for the Alexander Archipelago wolf, management of threatened woodland caribou in western Canada, and human-snow leopard conflict in Qinghai, China.

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