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Biology Class of 1960 Scholar Seminar with Dr. Jennifer Raymond of Stanford University

Fri, November 8th, 2019
1:10 pm
- 2:10 pm

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“Neural Learning Rules in the Cerebellum”
The research in my lab investigates the algorithm the cerebellar circuit uses to learn.  This algorithm is defined by the rules governing the local “decisions” each synapse makes on a moment-by-moment basis about whether to alter its strength, based on its pattern of input.  I will describe recent progress we have made in understanding synaptic learning rules in the cerebellum.  Neuroscientists have generally viewed learning as being implemented by a few, generic synaptic plasticity rules, with the specialization for specific behavioral tasks arising from the circuit architecture. In contrast, we recently discovered that the synaptic plasticity rules themselves can be precisely tuned to functional requirements.

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