Culturally Relevant Produce and the Urban Latino Food System

Anne Cody, Director of Operations, Nuestras Raices (Holyoke, MA)

Nuestras Raices community gardeners and urban farmers have complete autonomy to select and cultivate produce they choose to grow. The result is an important part of a successful local food system in Holyoke with a focus on cultural crops favored by Puerto Ricans and other Caribbean/Latin cultures, including aji dulce peppers, calabaza squash, gandules, recao, cilantro, andhabichuelas (long beans). This presentation will focus on how Nuestras Raices helps participants meet the demand for cultural crops, establishes price points that work for vulnerable populations, addresses food deserts and food insecurity, and facilitates the presence of cultural crops in school food and institutional kitchens. 

This event is part of Latino Heritage Month and is presented by the Sustainable Food & Agriculture Program, The Davis Center, and VISTA.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 at 7:30pm

Paresky Center, Auditorium

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