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‘62 Center Virtual Community Video Project: What Does Community Mean to You?

Mon, April 13th, 2020

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‘62 Center Virtual Community Video Project: What Does Community Mean to You?


During this period of physical distancing, communities are seeking to connect in new ways. Thinking about your context as a member of the Williams community, we are seeking creative expressions of what community means to you right now.

We invite you to submit a short (10 second or less) video response to Randy Fippinger (rfipping@williams.edu) by Monday, April 13.  


The ‘62 CTD is spearheading this project as a way to acknowledge how important the arts are to sustaining our common humanity during this time when we are apart and to look ahead to when we can once again connect and collaborate with one another in person.


In your video, please incorporate ONE of the following:

  • a physical gesture or movement phrase (your own original expression)
  • a “choreographic quote” from an existing dance
  • spoken word (your own original thought)
  • a passage from a poem, play, song, book, etc. (please credit your source)

We will compile the responses into a composite video and will be seeking contributions from our broader Berkshires community as well. We’re hoping to get responses from a diverse range of people, from children to elders!

Submissions will be archived and preserved by Special Collections as part of the COVID-19 Williams Experience Project.

Helpful Tips when filming:

If using a phone camera, please hold the camera horizontally and, if possible, please prop your phone on a stable surface (or have someone hold it for you).

If you have any issues with sending the video via email, please contact Randy directly.

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