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2021 Music Open House/Audition and Placement Info

Wed, September 8th, 2021
2:30 pm
- 4:00 pm

  • This event has passed.
2021 Music Open House/Audition and Placement Info

The music department opens its doors to new and returning students for the annual Open House from 2:30 – 4:00 p.m. Williams students are invited to meet with faculty, find out about music courses and lessons, and learn more about joining ensembles.

Important Notice: This event is NOT open to the general public. 

Some ensembles and some large lesson studios hold auditions. If you don’t see your musical interest listed in the links below, you can talk to the teacher or director at Open House. You can also email any instructor with your specific questions. Audition/Placement time slots are available in the links below.

Google sign-up sheets: students please make sure you are signed into your Williams account.

Choir vocal placement sign-up sheet (Thu Sep 9, Sat Sep 11)

Piano lesson audition sign-up sheet (Thu Sep 9)

Voice lesson audition sign-up sheet (Wed Sep 8)

Wind and Brass audition for ensembles sign-up sheet (Sat Sep 11)–contact wind/brass teachers individually about lessons

String audition for ensembles sign-up sheet (Sun Sep 12)–contact string teachers individually about lessons

Violin lesson audition sign-up sheet (Wed Sep 8) (this is for violinists who wish to take lessons)

Cello lesson audition sign-up sheet (Wed Sep 8) (this is for violinists who wish to take lessons)

Percussion – I/O New Music audition sign-up sheet (Fri Sep 9)
Percussionists: only one audition is necessary for the Berkshire Symphony, Williams College Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, and I/O New Music.  The audition is primarily for placement/seating purposes only. Percussion students should prepare approximately 10 minutes of music of their choice demonstrating ability on a range of percussion instruments including marimba, snare drum, and timpani.  Students may also be asked to sight read and play scales and rudiments. Instrumentalists interested in I/O New Music should prepare a short contemporary work on their instrument and be prepared to sight read.

Here are all the studios that are holding auditions. Talk directly to the instructor for an appointment:

These auditions start at 5:15pm on Wednesday, September 8 (after Open House)
Sitar: contact Veena Chandra
Tabla: contact Devesh Chandra
Chinese Music Ensemble: contact Wang Guowei
Viola: contact Ah Ling Neu
Jazz groups Thursday September 9, starting at 4pm: contact Kris Allen
Zambezi Marimba Band Tuesday September 14 at 4pm: contact Tendai Muparutsa
Williams Opera Workshop Sunday September 26, starting at 11am: contact Erin Casey

How to find a contact to help you pursue your musical interest:

Want to see who teaches what? This is a list of contacts by instrument.

Looking for a specific instructor? This is an alphabetical list of instructors by name.

Looking for an ensemble? This is a list of music groups.

Need an overview of people? See this list of professors, ensemble directors and instrumental faculty

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