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2020 Music Open House

Wed, September 9th, 2020
2:30 pm
- 4:00 pm

2020 Music Open House

The Music Department welcomes the Class of 2024 to Williams and looks forward to again seeing the very musical classes of 2021, 2022, and 2023!

This Open House not going to be the cider and doughnuts, elbow-to-elbow event that it usually is. But, we are still very excited to be in touch with you. This year we are setting up meetings online so that you can get together with us. Stay tuned!

New to the department? If you are on this page early, we encourage you to look at our faculty profiles, check out our courses, and explore our ensembles. There is a lot of information buried in the site, so most of all we encourage you to contact us directly.

We offer a vast array of specialty teaching. One would assume that we teach piano, right? But harpsichord? You bet! Wait – you could be learning to play on a real church organ? Oh yes! You have half worked out your own songs on your uke or guitar but need help to see it through to a finished work? We’ve got just the person! Find Music People

Get in touch with someone who teaches your instrument, or leads the ensemble you would like to join. If your instructor would like you to submit a recording for review, you could UPLOAD it on this FORM. Some instructors or ensemble directors might want to hear you and see you by Zoom. Some may only require your interest in taking lessons or joining. They can guide you through the procedures for signing up officially!

You’ve got more mundane questions too. Do we have instruments that you can borrow? How do you get a locker key? What’s the deal with practice rooms?

William Makes Music! Join us and find out how.

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