Tuesday, May 15

Computer Science Thesis Defenses

Tuesday, May 15 @ TCL 123 (Wege Auditorium) Computer Science Seniors present their theses. Colloquium credit is available for CS majors: earn one credit for...

Nonsingular Rank One Transformation by Sumun Iyer '18

Mathematics Senior Thesis Defense Abstract: A transformation T of a measure space (X, B, m) is measure-preserving if for any set C in B, we have that...

Tropical Intersection Curves by Andrew Scharf '18

Mathematics Senior Thesis Defense Abstract: Many studies of tropical curves (one-dimensional tropical varieties) in the plane have been made possible due...

Multi-Crossing Braids by Daishiro Nishida '18

Mathematics Senior Thesis Defense Abstract: Traditionally, knot theorists have considered projections of knots where there are two strands meeting at every...

A Weird Local Ring by Weitao Zhu '18

A Local Ring With an Unusual Ideal Structure Mathematics Senior Thesis Defense Abstract: A major open question in commutative algebra is to categorize the...

Voice Studio Recital

Students in the studio of Erin Nafziger present a program of works from the classical repertoire.

Stacks As Artifacts. Exhibit in Sawyer Library

Final project of students in REL 215, “The New Testament: From Word to Book”. This two-part exhibit starts in Sawyer Atrium with 24 New Testament selected by...

String Chamber Music Studio Recital

Chamber groups under the guidance of Ronald Feldman, Ah Ling Neu, and Muneko Otani perform in their final concert of the semester.

Jazz Guitar Studio Recital

Students from the studio of Robert Phelps give a concert of jazz and blues including classic tunes and original improvisation.

Tuesday, May 15