Friday, September 29

Antigone in the Library

The Antigone of Sophocles is being discussed in multiple venues on the Williams campus this semester. The Antigone Project, a course in comparative...

Log Lunch:  "How Can I Know I am not a Bum:  One educator's perspective on the challenges of knowing your calling in life,"

Tom Van Winkle, Exectutive Director, Williams-Mystic. Reservations ($4) thru url: ...

Chip Firing and Random Graphs by Prof. David Jensen, University of Kentucky

Mathematics Class of 1960s Speaker Abstract: The chip-firing game is a simple game with only one move. Starting with a collection of poker chips on the...

How to Image Baby Planets

Please join Kate Follette of Amherst during her joint physics and astronomy colloquium. Light refreshments will follow in Student Common Room.

Computer Science Colloquium - "What I Did Last Summer"

Short presentations by your fellow CS students, on summer research at Williams, plus experiences at Twitter, Valt, Dropbox and more.

CDE Seminar: "Routes to Growth in a New Trade World"

The CDE Seminar will be on "Routes to Growth in a New Trade World" by Andrew Powell. Andrew Powell is the Principal Advisor in the Research Department at...

Visiting Artist Baseera Khan presents: Acoustic Sound Blanket

Performance by NYC based artist Baseera Khan, whose work carefully mixes American popular and consumer culture with her experience of being a Muslim woman in...

Friday, September 29