Friday, September 22

2017 Job & Internship Fair

2017 Job & Internship Fair 11am

Are you looking for a job? An internship? Exploring your career interests? Come connect with 60+ Employers in Non-Profits, Arts, Technology, Business,...

Chandler Athletic Center, Chandler Gymnasium - Lower Level  
Log Lunch:  "Keeping our heads above water:  building economic resilience to sea-level rise and storm surge in small island nations."

Log Lunch: "Keeping our heads above... 12pm

Jim Neumann'84, Principal, Industrial Economics, Cambridge, MA. Reservations ($4) thru url: ...

Counting Klein Bottles by Prof. Haydee LIndo, Williams College

Counting Klein Bottles by Prof. Haydee LIndo,... 1pm

Mathematics Faculty Seminar Abstract: A Klein Bottle cannot be embedded in 3-dimensional space. So if you've ever seen a glass "Klein Bottle" in real life...

Stetson Court classroom, 101  
Biology Seminar with Dr. Adam Siepielski, University of Arkansas

Biology Seminar with Dr. Adam Siepielski,... 1:10pm

"A cautionary tale of woe and intrigue in explaining species diversity" Spectacular levels of species diversity exemplify most biological communities:...

Thompson Biology, 112  
Chemistry Colloquium

Chemistry Colloquium 1:10pm

Dr. Kathryn Geiger, Johns Hopkins University "Transcription Activator-Like Effector (TALE) Folding Cooperativity is Fine-tuned for Function" Transcription...

Thompson Chemistry, 123 (Wege Auditorium)  
Computer Science Colloquium - Google Visits Williams!

Computer Science Colloquium - Google Visits... 2:30pm

Several Williams alum will give talks about their current work at Google.

Thompson Chemistry, TCL 202  
Quantum - Logic - Assisted Readout in a Mixed Species Ion Chain

Quantum - Logic - Assisted Readout in a Mixed... 2:30pm

Please join Colin Bruzewicz '05 of MIT Lincoln Labs during his joint physics and astronomy colloquium.

Thompson Physics, 205  
Fall Planetarium Shows

Fall Planetarium Shows 8pm

Shows will resume this fall. Please contact Michele Rech at 597-2188 for reservations or email

Milham Planetarium  

Friday, September 22