Monday, April 17

Expanding e into a Continued Fraction by Janice Lee '17

Expanding e into a Continued Fraction by Janice... 1pm

Mathematics Colloquium Abstract: The constant e is famous for its role in compound interest, thermodynamics, and logarithmic equations, among many other...

Bronfman Science Center, 106  
Back to the future? Insights into future climate change from warm climate intervals of the past

Back to the future? Insights into future... 4:15pm

Kira Lawrence of Lafayette College presents the Geosciences Department Class of '60 seminar on how studying climate from the past can illuminate what future...

Clark Hall, 105  
Brad Wells – Music Faculty Talk

Brad Wells – Music Faculty Talk 4:15pm

Brad Wells hosts this faculty talk titled Stretching the Voice: Exploring Past and Future Roomful of Teeth Repertoire. Brad Wells’s vocal ensemble, Roomful...

Bernhard Music Center, Room 30  
Who Owns Russia's Past?

Who Owns Russia's Past? 4:15pm

Russians like to joke that theirs is “a country with an unpredictable past.” This lecture by Prof. Nina Tumarkin explores the Kremlin’s efforts to deploy...

Schapiro Hall, 129  
Survival Strategies: Building the Counter-Institution

Survival Strategies: Building the... 7pm

Designer, artist, and archivist Josh MacPhee will discuss collaborative ways to survive as a cultural worker invested in social change, as well as his own...

Lawrence Hall, 231  
Earthweek 2017!  "Changing the Trajectory of Climate."

Earthweek 2017! "Changing the Trajectory... 7:30pm

William Moomaw '59, Lead author, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2003, Professor of International Environmental Policy at the Fletcher School of...

Griffin Hall, 3  

Monday, April 17