Wednesday, February 8

Wave Breaking in the Hunter-Saxton Equation by Richard D. Chen '17

Wave Breaking in the Hunter-Saxton Equation by... 1pm

Mathematics Colloquium Abstract: The Hunter-Saxton equation is a PDE that originally described the orientation waves of liquid crystals. Later, it was...

Bronfman Science Center, 106  
Exploring GARCH Models by Grant Johnson '17

Exploring GARCH Models by Grant Johnson '17 1:10pm

Statistics Colloquium Abstract: For the last three decades discrete-time ARCH and GARCH models have been used to reflect the stylized features of financial...

Bronfman Science Center, 105  
Math Puzzle Night

Math Puzzle Night 5:30pm

Join us for dinner at Math Puzzle Night, starting at 5:30 pm in the West Lounge Cafe in Mission! Prof. Ralph Morrison will bring some math puzzles from...

Mission Park Dining Hall, West Lounge Cafe  
Recital for Berkshire Symphony Soloists Competition

Recital for Berkshire Symphony Soloists... 7pm

This is the first of two recitals which give student musicians participating in the Berkshire Symphony Student Soloist Competition an opportunity to play...

Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall, Bernhard Music Center  
AMS Student Chapter Meeting

AMS Student Chapter Meeting 8pm

This week we will be talking about electing new officers for next year. Also if you are applying to graduate school and need assistance please come!

Bronfman Science Center, 215  

Wednesday, February 8