December 11 - 17, 2017

Monday, December 11

Faculty-Staff Meditation Group

Faculty-Staff Meditation Group When: Mondays at noon, beginning Sept. 18. Please arrive as close to noon as possible to set up your own meditation seat...

A Spatio-Temporal Statistical Model of Crime Hotspots by Alex Reinhart, Carnegie Mellon University

Statistics Colloquium Abstract: Crime has both varying patterns in space, related to features of the environment, economy, and policing, and patterns in...

Math Puzzle Night

Join us for dinner at Math Puzzle Night, 6-7pm in the Dennett Private Dining Room, in Mission! Professors Steven Miller and Mihai Stoiciu will bring some...

Tuesday, December 12

Visible Through Violence: Indigenous Enslavement in Settler Colonial New England

Please join the American Studies Program for a lecture by Tyler Rogers, Doctoral Candidate in American Studies, Yale University; Gaius Charles Bolin Fellow...

Jazz Guitar Studio Recital

Students from the studio of Robert Phelps give a concert of jazz and blues including classic tunes and original improvisation.

Wednesday, December 13

Variable Selection for the Proportional Odds Model by Xizhen Cai, Temple University

Statistics Colloquium Abstract: In the initial stage of a statistical modeling procedure, many predictors are included in the model to reduce potential...

Friday, December 15

De/colonizing Yaanga: Settler Necropolitics and the Indigenous Body at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Park

Please join the American Studies Program for a lecture by Ho'esta Mo' e' hahne, PhD in Sociology, University of Southern California; Scholar in Residence and...

December 11 - 17, 2017