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Gambler's Ruin by Patrick Kane '17

Gambler's Ruin by Patrick Kane '17 4/3 1pm

Mathematics Colloquium Abstract: I will discuss and prove the famous gambler's ruin result that a gambler with finite wealth playing fair games against an...

Bézout in the Tropics by Robin Park '17

Bézout in the Tropics by Robin Park '17 4/5 1pm

Mathematics Colloquium Abstract: Bézout's theorem states that the number of intersection points of two smooth algebraic curves in a complex projective...

Optimal Strategy for the Best Choice Problem by Duncan Cummings '17

Optimal Strategy for the Best Choice Problem by... 4/5 1:10pm

Statistics Colloquium

Math/Stat Snacks

Math/Stat Snacks 4/6 9pm

Take a break from your Thursday night work and come join the Math/Stat Department in the Bronfman Math/Stat Library. Snacks will be served from 9 - 10:00 pm.

Pseudorandom Number Generation by Ross Flieger-Allison '17

Pseudorandom Number Generation by Ross... 4/12 1:10pm

Statistics Colloquium Abstract: The nature of randomness plays a fundamental role in many inferential and computational statistical methodologies. For...

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Math/Stat Snacks 3/16/2017

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