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The Game Theory of Social Norms by Ziqi Lu '18

Mathematics Colloquium Abstract: Our society could be modeled in terms of a repeated game where everyone is observing each other's choices and making her...

10/18 1pm
Fast Fourier Transform and Applications by Minh Tuan Tran '18

Mathematics Colloquium Abstract: The Fourier Transform, one of the central concepts in Analysis, has numerous scientific applications. In Computer Science...

10/23 1pm
Proving the Existence of a Nash Equilibrium by Colin Williams '18

Mathematics Colloquium Abstract: In his 1950 Ph.D. thesis, John Nash proved that an equilibrium point exists for all finite games. His proof cleverly...

10/25 1pm

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David Burgess

David Burgess left a positive review 9/14/2015

Awesome! Very Interesting

Frank Morgan

Frank Morgan left a positive review 5/5/2014

Amazing use of Mathematica

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